Honeycomb Core Macking Machine(HFA-1600/1800/2000)

Product Details

Product Description:

Features of Equipment:

The line is high-tech equipment with high degree automatization and low technical loss.The yield of honeycomb paperboard is up to 99%.

The line is controlled by computer touch screen, which is easy to operate. It take lead in producing honeycomb paperboard from paper continuously in domestic.

The line is computer-controlled. It adopts advanced coating technology all around the world, collects machinery, pneumatic and photoelectricity in one, and has stable performance.

Remarkable technical breakthrough in design makes the line more rational, higher yield and lower cost 4-5workforce for one shift can produce more than 10000 ?.

It is environmental friendly for dust-free, odor-free and pollution-free.

It is completely computer-controlled with no intermediate link. It saves workforce and makes full-automatic production line come true.


Technical Process:

Feeding multi rolls of paper at the same time——Coating the glue line for the core paper——Big roll laminating and drying——Transverse cutting ——Conveying paper core—— Stretching paper core—— Drying paper core——Coating paper core glue (or surface paper)——Feeding the surface paper rolls—— Laminating the surface paper ——Pressing, conveying and drying —— Cooling paperboard—— Longitudinal cutting ——Round knife cutting——Collecting

Technique parameter:

Machine Model FBJD1300-30GFBJD1600-30G
Max. width of core paper1600mm2000mm
Max. width of surface paper1300mm1600mm
Thickness of end-product 8-80mm8-80mm
Length of end-product 1000-3000mm1000-3000mm
Side length of cell3.5-16mm3.5-16mm
Production speed9-30m/min6-15m/min
Transverse cutting knife speed600 cuts/min550 cuts/min
Heating methodElectric heating, hot air cycling
Equipment power260KW285KW
Overall dimensions79000x4100x3500mm79000x4500x3500mm
Equipment weight65T75T

 paper honeycomb machine video
honeycomb core machine video


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